Four Natural Treatments For Yeast Infection You Need To Know About


It is more efficient to use alternative medicine for curing yeast infection more that some of the available drugs in the market which have a negative side effects to some individuals. The following are the best natural ways of treating a Candida infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is referred to be an effective way of treating a person suffering fromsfscfs vaginal yeast. Regularly natural treatment consists of diluting a little amount of Tea Tree Oil and smearing it in the area which is mostly affected by the infection.

Many people have claimed to benefit from this treatment though there is no medical background or scientific to support this claims of Tea Tree Oil. So you won’t get any harm if you try it to see how it works for you.


They can be consumed in the form of drinks. Probiotics aid in canceling out the additional numbers of dangerous bacteria which help the yeast to return to its normal levels hence probiotics are known as friendly bacteria.

Many known brands give probiotic supplements. The two common ones are Actimel and Yakult. They can help you to improve your body’s natural protection if taken once or twice in a day.

Boric Acid

Regular boric acid is taken in supplements; it is found in tablets, and it is advisable to apply them in the vagina to melt naturally. But sometimes its side effects can result in severe discomfort.

It is highly recommended to get medical advice before taking the tablets. If they are used after the yeast infection has subsided, and they are consumed in wrong doses, they can prompt vaginal burning. They should not be taken by pregnant women or through the mouth.


sfdscfsGarlic has an element of Allicin which is an antibacterial and an anti fungal agent. Allicin is known to be efficient in destroying the yeast. This situation was first uncovered in baking. Garlic should be introduced to the dough before it rises because it will stop it from growing by destroying or killing the yeast.

Natural remedies are the best and safe ways to treat your yeast infection and do not have severe side effects of thrush as the conventional medications. Several women have found an excellent result in few days. It is important to try these natural remedies above to cure your yeast infection in a natural most efficient way.