Heart Disease


Congestive heart failure is one of the principal causes of mortality in the world, and unless you ensure that you reduce the risk factors that bring on this issue, you could be in danger too. It is critical to try and prevent coronary disease by pursuing a healthy lifestyle and allowing your doctor to guide you on how best to go about this.

Reason For Heart Attacks

aafraThe arteries or the vein network in your body, which convey the blood to all parts of your body, must be clear so that the oxygen-rich blood can flow and supply every part. However, when the arteries get jammed due to viscous blood or plaque, they tend to become narrow. There can be the risk of blood clots blocking these small openings and cause angina or even a heart attack. This state which is called atherosclerosis is the cause of most coronary heart disease problems. It can be prevented by observing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the risk factors that lead to this issue.

Certain risk factors make you prone to coronary diseases and by ensuring that you eliminate them from your life, you could prevent or minimize the occurrence of heart attacks. Here are the common risk factors.


Smoking is one of the leading causes of artery blockage.  Nicotine thickens the blood and makes it sticky, and also deprives it of oxygen. When the blood gets denser, it moves more sluggishly, and it may cause plaque and blockages.

Cholesterol and BP levels

When your ‘bad’ cholesterol or LDL levels are high or when your Blood Pressure is over the standard levels, you could be at the risk of coronary problems. So it would be smart to keep them in check with healthy a diet, exercise, and medication.

Obesity And Lack Of Exercise

These factors run the risk of building pressure in the heart, and you need to modify your lifestyle habits, incorporate regular exercise and initiate an effort to lose weight.

History Of Heart Diseasesfscfscs

When you are genetically prone to have a cardiovascular disease, you have all the extra reason that warrants you to take preventive effort, and do everything you can to follow a healthy lifestyle, and avoid getting a heart attack.


If you are a diabetic, be sure to keep your sugar levels in check and exercise regularly, so you relieve the pressure on your heart.


It needs to be managed because it is one of the risk factors for heart disease.

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